About Daniel Lieber

Daniel Lieber works every day to provide exceptional personal service and financial, physical, and mental relief for people who have suffered personal injury. As a leading injury lawyer in Minnesota, Dan is a skilled advocate and works tirelessly to represent his clients in depositions, mediations, and arbitrations in court.

Dan started his career while he was still a student at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota. He worked for two major insurance companies, Western National Insurance and United Fire and Casualty, but he soon realized that he was passionate about personally representing people. So after he graduated law school in 1989, he took on a new role at a general practice law firm, Borkon Ramstead Mariani. He worked within a variety of cases, including wills, divorces, bankruptcies, and criminal defense.

After this experience, Dan began to make his own way in law and helped found Legal Associates, Ltd. in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. He worked at this firm for two years, gaining more and more expertise in arbitration and representation and eventually becoming inspired to go solo. Daniel opened the Law Offices of Daniel Lieber in 1995 and it became so successful that it has now been expanded to Metro Law Offices, Ltd., a firm offering personalized services from the best attorneys in the business.

“Between the medical bills and the general stress of the time, it’s great to offer people some relief,” Dan explains. He concentrates his practice in various injuries, such as slip-and-fall accidents, animal bites, and most common of all, automobile accidents. Dan has helped Metro Law clients collect tens of millions of dollars over the years. He also does pro bono work to even help people who are at fault in accidents because he is always working to lighten the stress and financial strains that result from vehicle collisions.

Dan goes the extra mile to connect with each and every one of his clients. Whether it’s the personal conversations that help him understand their needs, or the fact that he and the Metro staff will go meet clients in the privacy of their own homes, Dan knows that personalization is key in helping clients get the best results. He is a firm believer in the “red carpet” treatment of his clients, and his interpersonal skills combined with a deep-seated knowledge of law make him the ideal person to turn to.

Dan has been able to stand out in his industry by focusing on only one type of case and completely immersing himself in it. As an expert who actively seeks out even more experience in his niche, he is your one-stop attorney who can help move difficult cases from start to finish. Call Dan for immediate help and guidance at 651-225-5326.