You Were In An Accident – What Now?

Car accidents are, in a word, traumatizing. While the best preventative measures like driving safely and defensively can help reduce your risk for an accident, accidents still happen. While no one likes to imagine themselves under these circumstances, but it’s important to plan ahead so that, if you ever find yourself ...


How To Choose The Right Personal Injury Lawyer

When you or a loved one suffers a personal injury as a result of another person’s action, justice is not always served automatically. While it seems that the person would offer you compensation or that their insurance company would offer a fair settlement, this is rarely the case. Not only do people often fail to take ...

Daniel Lieber

Weird Minnesota Laws

Every state has some weird and strange laws that either just don’t make any sense or are from back in the day and haven’t been turned over. Minnesota is no exception. There are some weird laws that are technically still in effect throughout the state. While these laws aren’t necessarily going to be enforced, they are ...