Technology for Lawyers

In recent years technology has rapidly advanced. These new technologies have had an indisputable effect on the business world. Many law firms haven’t updated their offices with the new, helpful, technologies. These lawyers argue that technology hasn’t significantly impacted the law world and it is unnecessary for them to update their firms with these expensive gadgets. Nevertheless, other law firms have completely updated their offices with the most up to date, and sometimes expensive, technologies. It is beneficial to invest in certain technologies, but others aren’t imperative. Below is a list of technologies that you would be doing your firm a disfavor if you didn’t invest in.

Re-do your firm’s website

Nowadays any time anyone wants to find out information about a company they look online. If they aren’t able to easily find the information that they are looking for then the chances that they take their business elsewhere is high. Marketers and designers recommend that websites should be updated every 2-3 years. Research has found that 60% of all online searches happen on mobile devices, so make sure that your website is mobile friendly!

Go paperless

According to MyCase a typical office worker makes 61 trips to the fax machine, printer, and copier every week. Every misfiled document costs firms $125 in lost productivity. In total that comes out to be an average of loss of four weeks per year waiting on misfiled, untracked or lost documents. Going paperless is impossible to do overnight but there are steps that your firm can take to get there. First, update your firm’s computers so that everyone has the most up to date technology at their disposal. Invest in Microsoft Office and move your firm onto the cloud. With the cloud everyone who needs to have access to a certain document, including clients, will and no files will ever get lost again. MyCase also found that 82% of companies saved money by moving to the cloud. Finally, you can also do your billing via the cloud.

Update your online security

Protecting your firm’s privacy as well as your clients privacy is of the utmost importance. Anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware protection is essential for any firm. Spending the money to invest in the pro version of all of these softwares is crucial. If your company got hacked then you could lose everything. Ensure that the virus protective software packages you buy are compatible with your computer or else they will slow down your system. Another investment in online security is encryption software. Lawyers send out documents with an abundance of confidential information all the time. Encryption services can be very inexpensive.