Weird Minnesota Laws

Daniel Lieber

Every state has some weird and strange laws that either just don’t make any sense or are from back in the day and haven’t been turned over. Minnesota is no exception. There are some weird laws that are technically still in effect throughout the state. While these laws aren’t necessarily going to be enforced, they are still funny to read about!

– You may not cross into Minnesota with a duck atop your head.
– You are not allowed to enter into Wisconsin with a chicken on your head.
– It is illegal to sleep naked.
-Every man driving a motorcycle must wear a shirt.
– All bathtubs must not have feet.
– If your address is an even number you may not water your plants on odd-numbered days.
– You are not allowed to walk in or down alleyways.
– In Minneapolis, red cars aren’t allowed to drive down Lake Street.
– In St. Cloud you can’t eat hamburgers on Sundays.
– In Minnetonka if you convince someone to enter a massage therapist business after 11:00 PM you are guilty of committing a misdemeanor.
– Driving a truck with dirty tires is considered to be a public nuisance.
– You cannot be charged or convicted of being drunk or of public drunkenness.
– The law states that when a married woman commits adultery, the husband is allowed to fine the woman and man up to $3,000 and they can be imprisoned for up to a year.
-It’s illegal to tease skunks.
– It’s illegal to let animals sleep in a bakery.
– As required by law, every man in Brainerd, Minnesota must grow a beard.